• Prescio Consulting is a SAS Partner

    2 May 2016

    Prescio consulting is proud to announce its partnership with SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.

    Prescio, in partnership with SAS can now help customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Prescio can help transform customer data into insights that gives a fresh perspective on their business. Customers can identify what’s working,fix what isn’t, and discover new opportunities.

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  • Operational Risk Modeling: An Overview

    Operational Risk Modeling: An Overview

    In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, regulatory pressure on financial institutions has increased significantly, particularly around the three components of risk: Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Operational Risk. In response, banks have continued to increase capabilities in quantifying each risk type. This brief overview will focus on financial modeling approaches used Operational Risk.

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  • Working with Legacy Code

    20 July 2015

    The phrase “legacy code” can have several different interpretations; for the sake of discussion, let’s define it as “code written by someone else, and which you now have to use”. These past couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to work legacy code written by an employee of the company. This opportunity has proven both challenging and rewarding, especially since it forces me to think harder about good programming and software development.

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  • Tools of Modern Business : Version Control


    We have all seen it – the file that comes across our inbox, or resides in our Documents folder with a name along the lines of “Important File final_version_some-edits_final-for-real_V2.docx”. As companies and businesses produce more and more knowledge and information, the tasks of trying to keep that information up to date and track where it came from become increasingly complicated.

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  • The Physics of Financial Modeling : Insights from a Prescio Intern

    15 June 2015

    In March of this year I had the opportunity to attend the American Physical Society’s annual March meeting in San Antonio, Texas. This meeting brought together about 10,000 physicists from all over the country to share their research, network, and learn. My attendance was not just to give a talk, but to gain valuable insights into my future career opportunities. This was key, since as a graduate student, I’m particularly interested in my post-PhD career options.

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  • Bitcoin : Mad, Bad, but not a Fad

    1 May 2015

    The 18th century philosopher Voltaire, a proponent of the separation of church and state, is known to have said that the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman nor an empire. We could say the same about Bitcoin as a virtual cryptocurrency.

    Cryptology has an important role to play in Bitcoin, but that’s not its defining feature. Currency is historically built on the recognition of national boundaries and their associated political constructs. Moreover, the words “crypto” and “fiat” are not opposites.

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  • Prescio Launches New Website – Prescio.com

    10 February 2015

    Welcome to the NEW Prescio.com! As our commitment to quality service and traditional roots remain, we’re excited to move forward with a progressive, modern design and branding.

    Prescio continues to build professional and enduring relationships with it’s clients while keeping an eye on the future and evolving landscape of technology and financial services. We hope with the new design and organized layout is helpful in understanding everything that Prescio has to offer!

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