Ripple & Codius

RippleRipple, like Bitcoin, is both a payment network and a digital currency protocol, with a few significant enhancements. Ripple is the first open-standard, Internet Protocol (IP) based technology for banks to clear and settle transactions in real time via a distributed network.

Banks can use Ripple to speed up payments and better secure transactions in more currencies to more markets, all with lower risks and costs. Ripple can also serve as basic infrastructure technology for interbank transactions– a neutral utility for financial institutions and systems.

Ripple Payment Stack

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CodiusCodius (created by Ripple Labs) is an open hosting protocol. It makes it very easy to upload a program, whether you want it to run on one host or thousands.

Codius also has built-in billing which means once a program is uploaded, anyone can pay to keep it running- the author, the users and even the program itself. Codius makes it easy to develop applications that are secure, distributed, modular, forkable, and constantly improving. The framework is also integrated with modern web technologies and are smart programs independent of their developers.

Smart programs can encode the logic of agreements or “smart contracts”, or their functionality can extend far beyond the realm of contracts. With Codius, smart programs can hold assets of their own on any or multiple cryptography-based ledgers, such as Bitcoin and Ripple.

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