Risk Assessment

The Prescio team of analytical and business professionals can help you identify the quantifiable risk your institution faces and provide comprehensive strategies to manage those risks.

Risk assessment is the initial phase in the risk management process, followed by risk measurement. Institutions must understand their risk environment and assess their risk exposure to prosper in an ever-changing regulatory and business environment.

Prescio uses a comprehensive analytical solution set that identifies risk interdependence and facilitates the execution of risk strategies. As a part of the risk assessment process, Prescio employs dynamic modeling tools to identify potential deficiencies.

Assessed Risk Factors

  • Supply Chain Risk
  • Fiduciary Risk
  • Product Liability Risk
  • Intellectual Property Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Outsourcing & Vendor Risk
  • Litigation Risk
  • Revenue Recognition Risk
  • Data Security Risk
  • Exchange Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Pension Liability Risk