Asset Quality Forecast Model Application (AQF)

  • Application
  • Risk Management

The Asset Quality Forecasting Model Application is designed to work over a local area network, where multiple users in a particular hierarchy are involved.

As such, it is equipped with advanced administrative capabilities which enhance its usefulness for the entire bank organization. The software allows levels of access to critical data and reports, and has special utilities which set parameters for inputs used to generate analytical reports. The genesis of this software was a request from a major United States West Coast bank. The bank sought to improve its customer loan tracking operations. Prescio software, through the use of sophisticated algorithms and pattern analysis, forecasted with great accuracy the probability of a shift in risk level for various loan categories.

At a basic level, the software helps a bank keep track of probable defaulters. At a more advanced level of use, this software can be used as an analytic tool to gauge the overall quality of its assets.