Commercial portfolio credit migration model and application software upgrade

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A major US financial institution needed to upgrade their commercial portfolio credit migration model and application software.

Prescio Consulting was requested to perform an in-depth analysis of the model and the model’s application software to identify specific issues related to the operations of the migration model. Analysis of the software required flow charting all data manipulation processes and devising specific code fixes as required.

The project required an in-depth analysis of the data flow from various data storage systems, data flow within the software, reporting, model assumptions, and logical and coding errors in the software. Prescio Consulting was to perform the work within a specific period of time so that the client could meet an important deadline. After completion of the initial project, the engagement was extended to include several additional projects. The client requested further work on incorporating major changes and additions to the model and the software to address several loan history idiosyncrasies due specifically to the clients’ operational systems.

The initial project and the extensions were performed and implemented in record time and exceeded the clients’ expectations.