Comprehensive study of B2B commerce in Asian for a major Asian transportation company

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In this case, a major Asian transportation company was contemplating expanding their operations to include B2B e-commerce as a stand-alone business line.

The CEO of the company approached Prescio Consulting through a third party to perform a feasibility study and detailed implementation map of the B2B e-commerce site. Prescio Consulting performed a comprehensive study of B2B commerce for the Asian region in question. The outcome of the study was a concept paper for the feasibility of such a venture for the client in question.

The key outcome of the study pointed towards the company not venturing into developing a stand-alone B2B e-commerce site but as a distribution channel for their existing core business lines. The study concluded that the new B2B venture would have a considerable probability of success if it were initiated as an extension of the current business lines. The venture would then develop toward a stand-alone B2B e-commerce portal. In addition, a complete implementation plan of such a B2B site was also developed and submitted to the client for consideration.