Loan Migration Model Application (LMM)

  • Application
  • Risk Management

Prescio Loan Migration Model is a tool used to measure average historical losses by credit risk grade.

This application is an N-tier (often referred to as multi-tier architecture–a client-server architecture in which an application is executed by more than one distinct software agent) system. The application is an IBM Websphere / JBoss application with Oracle as the backend database with Crystal Reports as the reporting tool. Each quarter the application imports data from an ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Load) extract of CDW (Credit Data Warehouse).

The application has the following major components:

  • Application Administration
  • Importing Quarterly data into the application
  • Integrating the Quarterly data with previous historical quarterly data (Build Total Population)
  • Data Analysis and Enhancements
  • Loss Ratio calculations
  • Reporting